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– The Benefit of Inter-religious Co-Operation. Examples of European and global transformation processes
Bamberg University Press, BamTS 39, 2020 

– Public funeral services in a multi-religious and secular society. An example from Germany
Gentofte/Copenhagen Denmark, 23 Oct 2018

– Martin Affolderbach/Evi Plötz, Protest for the Future – Visions and Critical Theses by Students from Protestant Schools All Over the World, in: 500 Protestant Schools – One World. Exploringthe Global Horizon of Education and Faith, epd-Dokumentation Nr. 35/2016, Frankfurt/Main 2016, p. 31 – 37

– Current Ecumencial Issues
25 February 2015, Butare / Ruanda

– Reformation and Ecumenism – Where are we today?
7 March 2014, Butare / Ruanda

– Reformation Today. Where are we?
Some Considerations from the perspective of the Protestant Church in Germany
5 March 2014, Butare / Ruanda

– Martin Affolderbach/Erika Godel (Hrsg.), Exploring the Tradition of the Reformation in Germany. A Journey from Nuremberg to Berlin
Hannover 2012

– The Role of Religious Actors in the Fight against Discrimination and Defamation on Religious Grounds
Brussels/Belgium, 14 July 2010

– Religions in Germany with particular focus on Islam and Christian Muslim cooperation
Bonn, 1 June 2009

– The German Churches’ Experience of Dialog with Muslims
Klaukkala/Finland, 10 April 2008

– The Understanding of Citizenship in Religion and Culture – freedom of religious and cultural expression
Alexandria/Egypt (German Egyptian Dialogue), 2 November 2007

– Christian-Muslim Dialogue in Germany. Some Aspects from a Protestant Perspective
Vancouver/Canada, October 2007

– Christian-Muslim Dialogue in Germany
Chicago/USA (Lutheran Faculty), March 2007

– Building Communities through Dialogue
London/GB, 18 October 2005

– Islam in Germany
Berlin/Germany, 13 April 2005

– Attitudes of Germans towards Moslems and the Arab World
Evangelische Akademie Loccum/Germany, 10 April 2003

– Migrant Churches in European Countries
Hanover/Brussels 2002

– Some Remarks on Religion and Values among Young People in the Federal Republic of Germany. Statement for the International Consultation on “Religion and Values among Young People 16 – 19 Years Old”
Driebergen/NL, 10 November 1984


– Les activités d’Église Évangélique en Allemagne dans le domaine inter religieux
Bafoussam/Cameroun, Octobre 2009


– Islamin kohtaamisesta Saksassa. Joitakin huomioita protestanttisesta näkökulmasta
Begegnungen mit dem Islam in Deutschland. Einige Aspekte aus evangelischer Perspektive
Vortrag Helsinki, huhtikuu 2008/April 2008


(russische Übersetzung der Teile 1 und 2 des Handbuchs christlich-Islamischer Dialog, Hrsg. Volker Meißner/Martin Affolderbach/Hamideh Mohagheghi/Andreas Renz, Freiburg/Breisgaus 2014)