Current Activities

Translation of the “Handbuch christlich-islamischer Dialog” into Russian in progress; publication by St. Andrew’s Biblical College, Moskow/Russia, published 2018

 Journées d’Arras 2020 in Rome / Italy postponed

The Journées d’Arras take place every year since 1980, normally in the week after Pentecost. They bring together a group of Christians from all over Europe, working eith Christian-Muslim affairs in their churches, dialog or study centres. The Journées d’Arras have been ecumenical from the start, reflecting the situation in Europe today, with the churches working in partnership.

After the meeting in 2016 in the Netherlands, the conference took place 2017 in Hanover/Germany organized by the Protestant Church in Germany including a one-day-trip to Wittenberg. In 2018, it was held in Pradines/France, in 2019 in Marielund near Stockholm, Sweden. The meeting 2020 in Rome/Italy is postponed to 2021.

Further information is available; see the homepage of Journées d’Arras